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Crowdfunding campaign to support research on “How to sit less at work”

Evidence-based interventions and procedures are central to public health and nutrition practice. One of the topics that has been hitting the headlines lately is sitting at work. Research found that lack of movement, including sitting for too long, has a negative impact on health. At the same time, many devices have appeared on the market, using health claims (i.e. improve health or even weight loss) with little scientific support. The Cochrane Work Group at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Kuopio, Finland, are trying to find out which of the gadgets actually work and which ones do not raise to the promise. The group initiated a crowdfunding campaign in order to support the updating of a systematic review regarding this issue. People who want to get involved can support the initiative by participating in the campaign. After the campaign is closed, there will be a webinar, which will present the results and findings of the systematic review.Read More