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World Nutrition Cape Town 2016: Final extension for abstracts submission closing now 1 May 2016

We have extended abstract closing date to 1 May 2016. Abstracts can be submitted via the website: http://www.wncapetown2016.com/

Guidelines can be checked in http://www.wncapetown2016.com/abstract-guidelines/

May you have any queries please feel free to Rina Swart at abstract@wncapetown2016.com

We invite to you check details about registration, venue, congress host and more at the conference website: http://www.wncapetown2016.com/Read More

Interview with the new Association President: Dr Fabio da Silva Gomes

Dr. Fabio da Silva Gomes is a Brazilian national, currently based in Rio de Janeiro. Formerly Association External Affairs Secretary, he is starting his term as Association President on April 1st, 2015. Dr Gomes has been involved with the Association since its origins, and here he tells us more about himself, his current work, and his plans for WPHNA in the next four years.Read More

New President elected

The period for nomination for a new president closed at the end of February. After a positive recommendation by three independent scrutineers and approval by the Executive Committee, I am very pleased to announce that the only candidate that put themselves forward, Fabio Gomes, has been duly elected president of the Association. Fabio will take up the role on the 1st of April, 2015, and will serve for one four year term, as laid down in our constitution. Read More

ELECTIONS 2015 for WPHNA President: Call for candidates

This is a call for candidates for the Association’s Executive Committee (EC), which is its governing body. The position is for President, after the completion of the term of office of Barrie Margetts. Members of the Association are invited to put forward their candidacy for this position. The deadline for candidacies is Friday 27th February 2015, 23.59 GMT. Candidates should download the application form online and submit it to secretariat@wphna.org. The electorate is fully paid-up Association members. Voting will take place from 6th March and will close on 20th March 23.59 GMT. The checking and counting process will be overseen by two independent scrutineers. Announcement of the results of the election will be made before the end of March.Read More


The Association organises international conferences every two years, beginning in 2012. This call is for hosting the WPHNA’s World Nutrition 2016 conference, to be held in the second half of 2016. Hosting the conference will raise the profile your institution and we are sure it will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The deadline for bids is 31st January 2015, and the selected host will be announced on 28th February 2015. Bids should be sent electronically to secretariat@wphna.org, following the guidelines described in this call.Read More


WPHNA is not in any way involved in the III World Congress of Public Health Nutrition.

It has come to my attention that there is ongoing confusion about the conferences organized by WPHNA and others of a similar name. The IIIrd World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, which will happen in Granada, Spain, in November 2014, is being organized by the Sociedad Española de Nutrición Comunitaria. At no stage during the planning and organization of this meeting has WPHNA been involved. We are not financial or scientific supporters of that event. The only meetings we have been responsible for are our recent Oxford Meeting, and our previous World Nutrition Rio 2012 congress, both run with funds from registration fees, public sources and non-conflicted private sector support (excluding therefore the food industry).

This division and confusion are regrettable. But we are open for dialogue.Read More


Our election process has come to an end, and we are happy to inform that Margaret Miller was elected the new Professional Affairs Secretary of WPHNA! This is effective immediately.

We received many comments from voting members, indicating that both candidates were highly qualified for the position and should be engaged, irrespective of who is elected. We have therefore invited Rubina Hakeem to be part of the Professional Affairs portfolio and take an active role to support the development of the public health nutrition workforce worldwide. Both Margaret and Rubina will be an asset to the Association, and we are happy to have them on board!Read More

WPHNA Elections 2014: Time to vote!

It’s time to vote for Professional Affairs Secretary! We have two eligible candidates: Margaret Miller and Rubina Hakeem. Members are invited to vote by 30 September, and have received the link to the voting slip via email. If you are a member and have not received it, please contact the Association secretariat at secretariat@wphna.org.

The Executive Committee has opted for a cool-off period of 6 months for the Presidential Election. The Association will reopen nominations for President in early 2015.Read More

Elections 2014 Call for candidates: Deadline Extended to 7 July

The deadline to submit applications for the Association’s Executive Committee (EC) has now been extended to 7 July at 23:59 GMT. We have previously announced that two positions in the EC are or will be soon vacant. The two positions are President, after the completion of the term of office of Barrie Margetts, and Professional Affairs Secretary, after the retirement from office of Roger Hughes. Considering the low number of applications received, and to give Association members more opportunity to consider taking an active role in the Association, the EC decided to extend the deadline.Read More

Our new governing document: results from the membership consultation

Earlier this year, we conducted a membership consultation regarding the move of the Association as a registered charity in the UK, and the contents of our new governing document. We have updated our governing document because our original constitution was incorporated in Austria, which was where two of our original governing body resided. This created a very difficult language barrier for the Executive Committee to conduct the Association’s business, and the best option identified was to ensure that all documents and procedures occurred in English. Regarding the move of the Association as a charity in the UK, 95.31% of voting members were in favour. Regarding the new governing document, again 95.31% were in favour and approved the draft. The final version of the document will now be sent to the UK authorities.Read More

Consultation on the new WPHNA Governing Document

We are currently consulting our members about our new proposed governing document. This document was updated because our original constitution was incorporated in Austria, which was where two of our original governing body resided.

As our head office has now relocated to London, we are obtaining registration in the UK, and therefore need a governing document that responds to the UK Charities Commission’s requirements. All paid up members for 2013 and 2014 are eligible to participate in this consultation, and have received an email with instructions on how to participate.

If you believe you are eligible to participate and have not received an email, please contact us.
The deadline is Tuesday 11th March 2014.Read More

World Nutrition needs members of our editorial team

WN is read in over 80 countries and territories, by public health and nutrition professionals, senior policy-makers, and people who care about family and personal health. Since our launch in mid-2010, we have carried contributions from over 150 authors from all continents. WN is edited and produced by a group of volunteers. We need more members of our team. We are looking for associate or assistant editors from all continents, including Asia, the Arab world and Africa. We are looking for editors for various WN sections. New contributors are always welcome but what we most need is editorial support. Interested? Please let us know. Read More

Our new membership system and membership renewals 2014

We are pleased to announce that a new, automated membership system has just been implemented, to facilitate the process of membership renewal, as well as membership application for those who are not yet members. At a first stage, both existing members who renew and new members will be prompted to complete a personal information form with updated contact details, as well as a conflict of interest declaration. We invite you to renew your membership for 2014, or become a member.
You can now choose to join/renew for one or three years, and will receive a username and password that you can use to login to a members-only area. By renewing your membership, you will be eligible to apply for our professional certification scheme and become a Certified Public Health Nutritionist (cPHN). Your membership will give you discounted rates for our upcoming conferences, like the next one happening in September this year in Oxford, UK.Read More

WPHNA is a Biodiversity Champion

The Association has been declared a Biodiversity Champion by the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in recognition of its important contribution to the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020. “WPHNA has a strong commitment to the promotion of biodiversity for food and nutrition, and the concept of sustainable diets which has biodiversity at its core,” said Barrie Margetts, WPHNA President. Read More


We are now launching our CERTIFICATION SCHEME. This is a practitioner certification system, part of the Association’s commitment to, and responsibility for, assisting the professionalization of the public health nutrition workforce worldwide. Professional recognition is a primary objective of the certification system, and successful applicants will be able to use the title “Certified Public Health Nutritionist” and the post-nominals “cPHN”.Read More

Workforce development: moving forward

The Association is moving forward with its actions on workforce development. We are now launching our Professional Affairs section of the website, where we describe key action areas that have at its focus supporting the broad professionalization of public health nutrition as a practice discipline, in order to building nutrition capacity. We are enthusiastic to work with partners to take this work forward.Read More

Building nutrition workforce capacity crucial for European Action Plan

The Israel Ministry of Health hosted a meeting of the WHO Regional Office for Europe with Nutrition Focal Points from 10-13 March. The aim of the meeting was to develop a draft action plan for food and nutrition for Europe, to be formally adopted in Vienna in July 2013. The meeting consisted of short presentations of the challenges, recent developments and highlighted some examples of different approaches being adopted in Member States. The Association were invited to attend as Advisors, and asked to make a presentation on the importance of improving nutrition capacity within the health sector for the success of the Action Plan.Read More

Association’s response to consultation on Third Draft of the Global Action Plan on the Prevention and Control of NCDs

The Association has been actively engaged in many important international activities. Along with other partners we have contributed comments on the Draft Global Action Plan on the prevention and control of NCDs. The main thrust of our contribution has been to support and emphasis the importance of developing and supporting the nutrition workforce to deliver and evaluate the implementation of the plans of action. We suggested wording that encouraged member states to protect food policy from the undue influences of vested interests.Read More