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Our Conferences

The Association works to strengthen the evidence base for effective action to improve nutrition related health, particularly in the worst off and most disadvantaged in the world. Effective action will come form learning lessons about what has and has not worked. A key part of the failure of many well intended actions is a lack of human capacity to deliver programmes. For the Association sharing best practice and enhancing the effectiveness of the working force are two dimensions of the same challenge. Our conferences, meetings and short-courses programme are key to our efforts to achieve more effective actions. As both an advocacy and professional organisation it is essential that these two dimensions of our work support and enhance each other.

The Association wanted to hold meetings where it controlled the agenda and which were free from competing interests. The World Nutrition Rio2012 conference was our first major international meeting. This meeting proved that the Association could organise a big international meeting without funding from conflicted sources, thanks largely to the generous support of the Brazilian government, and in particular the Ministry of Health. This support was made possible by the partner organisation that the Association worked with, and the dedication and commitment of our Brazilian colleagues.

In addition to these large four-yearly international meetings the Association is also committed to building support for, and strengthening, action at a more localised level. To that end we are holding a meeting in September 2014 in Oxford, the UK. This meeting will focus on learning lessons form more up-stream actions to affect population health. More details about this meeting can be found here. News about this event will also be posted on our website during this year.

There are many different actors in the fields of public heath and nutrition, and the Association feels that we can make more rapid progress by working together with partners that share our values and ethos. We have already seen the power of collective action by our involvement in the Conflict of Interest Coalition, and we look to build on these partnerships for future actions, including conferences, workshops, and short courses.