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ELECTIONS 2015 for WPHNA President: Call for candidates

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This is a call for candidates for the Association’s Executive Committee (EC), which is its governing body. The position is for President, after the completion of the term of office of Barrie Margetts.

Members of the Association are invited to put forward their candidacy for this position. To be eligible, members must be fully paid up on the date of the election. The deadline for candidacies is Friday 27th February 2015, 23.59 GMT. Candidates should download the application form online and submit it to secretariat@wphna.org. Candidates are encouraged to check all relevant details and to submit their applications in good time. Incomplete, inadequate or inappropriate applications will not be accepted. 

Election process
Members will be notified of the candidates after review of eligibility by an external scrutiny panel. The electorate is fully paid-up Association members. Voting will take place from 6th March and will close on 20th March 23.59 GMT. The checking and counting process will be overseen by two independent scrutineers. Announcement of the results of the election will be made before the end of March.

Governing body
The Association is governed by its Executive Committee who are its trustees, chaired by the President. Positions of EC members at present are the General Secretary, the Treasurer, and secretaries responsible for Membership, Projects, External Affairs, Professional Affairs, Conferences, Communications, Publications, and Africa. The EC also has powers of co-option.

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Aims and objectives
The aims and objectives of the Association as already agreed are:

  • To create, manage and develop an individual member organisation that brings together people with a common interest in promoting and improving the teaching and practice of public health nutrition across the world.
  • To advocate and be a professional voice for public health nutrition at local, national and international level.
  • To work with public bodies, and professional, civil society and other organisations and movements, to support the effective development and delivery of policies and programmes that will promote better public health nutrition and whose interests protect, improve and do not conflict with those of population health.
  • To strengthen the basis for rational policies and effective actions in the public interest, so as to protect and improve the state of public health nutrition at all levels.
  • To strengthen the capacity for action by working with partners to build a system and structure in which a well trained workforce can operate.
  • To disseminate, encourage and promote information, discussion, debate, and thus good practice, rational policies and effective actions, by means of a website, a newsletter, social media, a journal, conferences, workshops, and other activities.

General requirements
The following is expected of the Association President:

The main role of the president is to build and support team work within the Executive Committee with the aim of achieving the agreed aims and objectives of the Association. The president chairs the Executive Committee.

Responsibilities of the Committee as a whole
Although each member of the Executive Committee has specific responsibilities, the role of the Executive Committee is to take collective responsibility of all aspects of Association business. These include the soundness of its administration and finance, and the progress of its strategic plan. The EC is responsible for nominating one of its members as Alternate President, who will act as President as needs arise. The Committee can co-opt people as non-voting members to fill posts not filled by election, to convene projects, or for other purposes.

Executive Committee members should expect to be engaged in Association work on average for at least four hours a week. There will be periods of intense work including unsocial hours. Any elected member who is unable to progress required work over a reasonable period of time, will be asked to stand down or else to accept a less demanding position.

The Executive Committee meets by regular Skype conferences, currently every month. All members are asked to read meeting agenda papers, prepare papers on request, attend meetings, and take note of and follow Committee agreements as noted. Members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings without prior notice and good reason are liable to be asked to stand down.

WPHNA Secretariat
18th December 2014

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