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World Nutrition

Journal of the World Public Health Nutrition Association
Published in the UK monthly at www.wphna.org

The Association is an affiliated body of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences.
For membership and for other contributions, news, and services, go to: www.wphna.org

Publishing and editorial Board
Ted Greiner (Chair), George Kent (Editor)
Geoffrey Cannon,  Roger Hughes, Urban Jonsson, Harriet Kuhnlein, Shiriki Kumanyika, Barrie Margetts, Carlos Monteiro, Walter Willett

Ted Greiner

Assistant editor
George Kent

Assistant editor (Network)
Fabio Gomes

Assistant editor (Feedback)
Maria Alvim

Assistant editor (Visuals)
Jean-Claude Moubarac

Assistant editor (Inspiration)
Seva Khambadkone

World Nutrition needs members of our editorial team

WN is read in over 80 countries and territories, by public health and nutrition professionals, senior policy-makers, and people who care about family and personal health. Since our launch in mid-2010, we have carried contributions from over 150 authors from all continents. Our leading contributions, notably in The Food System and now the Big Food Watch series, are widely cited and are influential.

WN is edited and produced by a group of volunteers. We need more members of our team. New contributors are always welcome but what we most need is editorial support. We are looking for associate or assistant editors from all continents, including Asia, the Arab world and Africa. We are looking for editors for various WN sections, including The Issue and Update. We want two assistant editors preferably with previous experience, to prepare copy and to stay in close touch with contributors. We need a couple of editorial team members who are aces at electronic technology. We want a production editor. We want young colleagues who have already taken the decision that development and amplification of concepts, ideas, new developments and thinking, and debate, needs to be part of their lives’ work. We want more, but that’s enough for now!

Interested? Please let us know. We need people who can commit to WN for two years. Most team members work on WN for about 5-10 hours a week. Please send your relevant qualifications plus a comment on WN, and also state what you would like to do. Write please to wn.theeditor@gmail.com with a copy to wn.letters@gmail.com .

World Nutrition and WN are the names of the journal of the World Public Health Nutrition Association. ISSN 2041-9775.
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