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Angela Murugi Kimani

Angela Murugi Kimani 130 x 180Born and raised up in Kenya, my interest in nutrition started when I was still in high school. I wanted to know how to help poor communities prepare better meals and avoid nutrition related conditions especially with the increase in diseases in which poor dietary patterns and feeding habits play a great role. This is because I believed most diseases can be prevented and or cured by good nutrition. I believed in the power of natural foods to maintain good health. I still do.

In 2004 I started my undergraduate studies in food, nutrition and dietetics at the University of Nairobi. At that time I also volunteered to work with community nutrition activities with various civil society organisations and their partners. This built my skills and capacity beyond theoretical knowledge.

In 2010 the Africa Nutritional Epidemiology Conference gave me my first opportunity to present a poster of a nutrition study I had done. From there, I worked as a nutritionist in a HIV/AIDS programme, located in a small health facility next to a very big shanty-town in Nairobi. This built my experience in nutrition and HIV/AIDS, and also the socioeconomic empowering of HIV/AIDS support groups, through income-generating activities. It gave me joy to see the women becoming empowered, economically and in other ways, and being able to choose more quality and quantities of foods.

Currently, I work as a nutritionist with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, supporting the linkage of agriculture and nutrition, through agriculture and food security programmes in East Africa. Supporting rural farmers to increase diversity in food production, to prepare better nutritious foods, and to become empowered through nutrition education, all helps to achieve better nutrition in rural communities.