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Ariyo Oluwaseun

Ariyo Oluwaseun 130 x 178I was born in Ibadan, Nigeria. My interest in nutrition started when my cousin was placed on special diets as part of treatment for tuberculosis. I saw several cases of malnutrition whenever I accompanied him to the clinic and based on that experience I was able to recognise obvious cases of malnutrition in several poor urban slums I visited.

A nursing sister later encouraged me to study nutrition after a failed bid to enrol for medicine and surgery. My interest was strengthened when I learned about the importance of nutrition in child development and productivity, and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals. Ever since, it has been a journey of pleasure, helping people and putting smiles on the faces of the impoverished by preventing malnutrition and other health problems through advocacy, nutrition education among other interventions.

In my first degree, a bachelor in human nutrition, I studied the effect of ascorbic acid supplementation in the third trimester of pregnancy on the ascorbic acid content of maternal breastmilk after the time of birth. My master’s study (Master of Science in public health nutrition) was about the body responses to caffeine consumption with emphasis on hydration status, body weight and serum ascorbic acid level. The ongoing research for my PhD degree compares food security, nutritional vulnerability and nutritional status of older persons in rural and urban areas.

My main area of interest is community health nutrition with focus on the vulnerable groups like older persons, under-5 children and displaced people.