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Bryndis Eva Birgisdottir

Bryndis Eva Birgisdottir 130 x 180After considering becoming an astronaut and an archaeologist I happily chose nutrition – at the age of 12! I was fascinated by a book I found at my grandparents’ house describing the human body and the discovery of the vitamins and their magnificent effects. Since then many rivers have run to shore and with them my black and white view on the world, which has become more abstract. However, my enthusiasm for the wide field of nutrition is unchanged. This burning sensation that food is the basis for everything else and basic human behaviour, down to the last atom.

Today as I am working with both the positive and negative forces of food (nutrients versus contaminants) I get even more convinced of the need for more fields to join forces and that one mission for public health nutritionists is to work as skilled diplomats for smooth cooperation between different fields and an array of different people.

I would like to use food as an educational tool to awaken curiosity and enthusiasm. I would like to work with others, in many different ways around the globe, to untie the knot of the unsustainable use of nature and our detachment to nature.

Every day, it is important not to focus on negative aspects, but to report and gain courage from what is positive in the world of public health nutrition, and how we can work from there.

Basic education in Sweden, nutritionist and dietitian. PhD in nutrition at the University of Iceland in June 2002. Worked at the unit for nutrition research at the Landspitali University Hospital and University of Iceland before moving to Belgium and later to Norway.