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Carla Vartanian

Carla Vartanian 144 x 180I have always been passionate about health and nutrition. I had an unhealthy relationship with food during my teenage years, so studying nutrition has helped me overcome and remove this negative emotional attachment and understand the real value of nutrition and most importantly the healing power of foods.

It has always been my philosophy that people’s health and their ageing process was significantly affected by their various nutritional needs. By living in a culturally diverse country myself, it became very apparent to me that I needed to look deeper into the nutritional areas of their life to be able to understand that a well balanced diet alone is not enough, it’s the combination of changes in habits and ways of life that will sustain long-term health.

Throughout my career, my areas of interest in nutrition focused specifically on research and education as I have participated in more than fifty international scientific meetings, been teaching nutrition in two different universities in Beirut and publishing health articles in the Middle East for many years.

My interests in nutrition started growing more and more into public health awareness for the past few years as I became active in speaking in many international conferences and conducting workshops in the field, which is considered particularly challenging for me to interact with people of all ages to increase public awareness of proper nutritional standards and habits.

I graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BS in nutrition and dietetics and a Masters in clinical nutrition and later completed a three year clinical nutrition diploma with the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, in which I am actively involved by conducting nutrition support workshops for dietitians and physicians. I am currently the public relations chair of the American Overseas Dietetic Association and working as a consultant in therapeutic nutrition education in addition to presenting my own weekly nutrition and public health awareness TV show in Lebanon since 2008. I am an active member of ten different nutrition and dietetics associations around the world.