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David Pearson

David Pearson 121x180I have a personal passion, which I have been able to develop into a research career, which is in encouraging consumers to adopt environmentally sustainable and healthy dietary choices. My research interests include sustainable diets, food systems, transformative consumer change, social marketing, consumer policy, advertising and branding, using mixed research methods including quantitative questionnaires and qualitative data. My teaching interests cover advertising, branding, marketing communication, research-led teaching, work-integrated learning, and interdisciplinary study. I am also chair of the sustainability development and food security research cluster at the University of Canberra.

In 2003 I qualified with a PhD from the University of New England in Australia. This research explored the question of ‘If organic food is better for the environment and better for human health, why are sales less than 1 per cent?’ I continue to use my expertise in marketing to provide more sustainable and healthy dietary options and to encourage these choices. A lot of this work involves working with not-for-profit organizations in my local community. This has included setting up a food co-operative in a regional city in Australia, working with a large charity encouraging organic gardening in the UK (Garden Organic), assisting a local food provider in the UK (True Food Co-op) and most recently working in my local community with the Canberra Organic Growers Society.