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Hélène Delisle

Helene Delisle 123x180Since childhood I have always been interested in and fascinated by food. So I went into food and nutrition. During my dietetic internship in a US hospital, I realised that the clinical field was not for me. So I enrolled in the MSc programme at McGill University, with a public health orientation, and then decided to go for the PhD. I became interested in nutrition in less resourced countries during my BSc, and joined a group of students preparing to work overseas. From then on, my goal was to work in international nutrition. The opportunity came soon after my PhD, with an appointment to be part of a public health training team at the medical school of Cameroon. I worked for CIDA as nutritionist in a public health training team at the medical school in Cameroon for three years. Then as a freelance consultant in international nutrition for several years, I had assignments mostly in Africa, and also in Central America and the Caribbean.

My current research focuses on the nutrition transition and the double burden of malnutrition, with institutional partners in French-speaking West Africa. This university partnership project also involves the development of new academic programmes in nutrition, action research in schools and communities, and advocacy for the prevention and control of diabetes.

BSc in nutrition (Laval University, Canada), MSc in nutrition (McGill University, Canada) Ph.D. in clinical sciences (University of Montreal, Canada). I have additional training in private law, international management and agriculture economics. I joined the faculty at University of Montreal in 1985 with the mandate to develop the field of international nutrition in the nutrition department of the medical faculty. I became full professor in 1997. I have trained a dozen or so PhD students, mostly African, in international nutrition. I have been visiting professor at Senghor University in Alexandria (a university dedicated to French-speaking Africa) since 1991.

I am a member of the Canadian Nutrition Society, the Canadian Society of International Health, Dietitians Canada, and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education. I was a member of the board and head of the research committee, Canadian Society for International Health from 2000 to 2005, was scientific advisor to the International Foundation for Science, Sweden until 2010, and am a member of the international scientific committee of, Action against Hunger since 2008.