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Jenni Vaarno

Jenni Vaarno 130x180I was born and raised in a small village in eastern Finland. Since I was a little girl I participated in cooking, growing vegetables in our garden, fishing or picking up berries and mushrooms from the forests. I have always liked to eat good food and at my teens I got interested in links between food, nutrition and health. After multiple stages I decided to study masters in health biosciences, with food development as a major and I graduated there in 2003.

After graduating I started working as a researcher in the food industry, doing research on functional foods. I felt that even while functional foods may be beneficial for consumers, they cannot answer the various nutrition-related problems the world is facing. I wanted to address these problems and was fortunate to get a job from Laos as a food and nutrition advisor. There I decided that my mission in life is improving public health nutrition. This could be done in many places and living conditions, not by high priced special foods, but by simply eating locally available nutritious and tasty foods.


My philosophy of public health nutrition is that combining traditional food culture with current scientific knowledge and taking local environmental factors into consideration provides best way to improve public health nutrition.