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Malgorzata Schlegel-Zawadzka

Malgorzata Schlegel Zawadzka 130x180I was born in Poland in Krakow, an historic city, with one of the oldest universities in this part of Europe. My family roots are in both the east and the west of Europe. Since my early life, as soon as I started to read books it was difficult to me to be interested in narrow subjects. To everything I have always added cultural and other backgrounds. I require my students now to visit several of Krakow’s museums whose exhibits show history and nutritional anthropology.

My journey to nutrition and public health nutrition was a search for a fully ecological niche. After I studied pharmacy, where I was taught food chemistry and nutrition with practical assessment of food quality, I worked in a factory producing medicines. This was a very difficult time in Poland. After seven years, in 1986 I got a position at the university. I worked on food, nutrition and the environment, including issues of food contamination. Several months after my PhD I managed to get grants to visit the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, the University of East Anglia, in the UK, and the Public Health University at Albany, NY, in the US. These visits gave me an international perspective and assured me that what I am doing is important .

Meetings with scientists from other countries during conferences have given me a broader understanding of nutritional problems at all levels, micro and macro. Now, I have started to work at the faculty of health sciences; this enables me to develop my interests in nutrition politics and the sociology of nutrition.

I also lecture to different age groups – from 4 to 90! – who are healthy or else who have cancer. In these lectures I always introduce the ideas of the New Nutrition Science project, which interest everybody.