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Marcela Reyes

Marcela Reyes 130x180I have come a long way in my journey towards public health nutrition. In the beginning I enrolled for studying medicine, thinking that I could help to healing sick people. I quickly realised that real healing is scarce, and what health professionals mostly do is to diminish the damage done by illness, without solving the underlying problems.

My next step was to look for prevention, falling in love with nutrition and the broad spectrum of views that it gives. I wanted to stay in the field; so I got my master’s and PhD degrees in nutrition, always searching for the biological determinants of the diseases associated with overnutrition. This is how I arrived at public health. I knew that the obesity epidemic, very serious in my country, has socioeconomic determinants. I could not longer study the cell without looking into the public policies that allow this cell to increase in size.

Now I stay interested in the biological determinants of illness, but I am taking more and more into account the social and economic framework for all these biological interactions In this way the basic and clinical research make sense, in this way I do not lose perspective.

For the last couple of years I have been working at the public health nutrition unit, at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA), University of Chile. My field of study is obesity and obesity related diseases, mostly in children.