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Nick Mawani

Nick Mawani 130x195I was born in Fort Hall, Kenya in 1962. My dad worked in the government of Kenya, so I had the pleasure of travelling with him to a significant number of villages and towns where he brought electricity to them by fixing their diesel power generators. It was meeting the tribal chiefs as a very young child that I developed keen interest in the health of the people. Chiefs of Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Chaga, Kalenjin, Masai, among others always fed me healthy, natural non-chemicalized foods that embedded the concept of healthy nutrition in my psyche. As I progressed in my education from nursery school to primary and high school, my interest in healthy living grew in parallel. When I climbed Mount Kenya to Point Lenana at 17,053 feet, at age 17, I was pondering upon my future education and landed up in University of Ottawa, Canada. Here I successfully completed my bachelor of science in biological sciences in 1985. I had to take 2 years off to work as a manager so that I could go back to school to study respiratory therapy. I graduated with honors and was the top student in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

I worked in Toronto East General Hospital and Scarborough Centenary Hospital for seven years. My work there involved acute care where I was responsible for intubation, ventilation, oxygenation, and all respiratory related therapeutic work. It was this experience that motivated me to understand that there was more to medicine than acute hospital care. My tool box of medicine expanded to all other evidence-based paradigms largely marginalized by the dominance of medical approach. I was particularly interested in natural medicine and how nutritional approach could be fundamentally important in the health of an individual.

In 2000, I lost my dad to lung cancer and he told me four days before he died that anti-biotics use over a year had caused his terminal cancer. I told him that I was buying a health food store and quitting my hospital job and he said: “Follow your heart son.”