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Olufolakemi Anjorin

Olufolakemi Anjorin 130x180As a growing up child, I was passionate about recipe formulation. I have always liked to try out varieties of foods in ways that are different from the cultural or traditional use of ingredients and food items. My first attention to nutrition as a science was however in my fourth year in the university when I took an elective course in nutrition.

My experience in public health is grounded in my study for my master’s degree in public health in population and reproductive health. It has been broadened by my job, which covers planning and implementation of maternal and child survival programmes. This experience has provided me with knowledge of the key role of planning, advocacy, partnership and collaboration in successful implementation of nutrition programmes. The reality of the role politics play in public health decision at various levels is quite enlightening.

My philosophy is linking nutrition research to practice by influencing policies and actions with evidences from nutrition science. Nutrition education and advocacy are key tools I value in achieving this. I am also aware of the importance of building critical mass of nutrition scientist to be committed to the cause.