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Rafael Moreira Claro

Rafael Moreira Claro 130x180I was born in Taubaté, Brazil. My interest in nutrition began during my childhood. Having been born in a country town, I used to spend my weekends and vacations at my family farm, where I learned to cultivate fruits and vegetables and to love the taste of fresh food. After that, during my adolescence, even before initiating the graduation course in nutrition, I was already deeply interested in the influence of nutrition on people’s life quality.

In 2002, as an undergraduate student of nutrition in the Catholic University of Campinas, I had my first contact with the public health field during an internship in community health. The work with low income families made me very sensitive about food security issues and allowed me to live very closely the perverse reality of hunger and obesity in poor communities.

After concluding my bachelor’s in nutrition I decided to move from Campinas to São Paulo, where I could improve my knowledge in public health in the School of Public Health of the University of São Paulo. Accepting the suggestion of my supervisor I decided to center my studies on the economic determinants of food choice. My master’s study was about the influence of food prices on the consumption of fruits and vegetables in São Paulo (the biggest city in Brazil). During my PhD I went deeper into the issue of the relation of food prices and food consumption, with special attention to the use of fiscal policies to promote healthy eating through the taxation of unhealthy food items or tax exemption for healthy food.