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Rubina Hakeem

Rubina Hakeem

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1961. Children’s education and character building was my parents first priorities along with active involvement in social welfare activities of wide variety. I guess they were successful in their efforts and I probably absorbed a higher proportion of some of these traits and ended up becoming a passionate nutrition researcher and educationists.

I was fortunate to be educated at a good school that provided excellent and comprehensive education and up-bringing. Yes, our school took care of whole of us-form knowledge to character. And it was in school that I got my first lessons in nutrition as part of home economics. In 1975 joined Rlak Che as high school student, graduated from there in 1982 and joined the same as lecturer in 1983. I was later promoted as professor and college principal.

At Che I tried to make contributions to the field of nutrition not only through performance as teacher but also though establishment of intuitions’ food and nutrition society; revision and enhancement of courses; raising standards of research; and collaborating with other organisation and facilitating collaborative projects.

I took sabbatical leave and joined Taibah University Medina Saudi Arabia as professor in October 2012. At this institution beside teaching duties I am participating in clinical nutrition program accreditation project.

My nutrition related activities outside my institution include participation in related organisations, public policy development meetings, collaborating with other organisations individually and writing books, articles, developing tools etc.

In relation to health and nutrition related research and development projects I have served as research/nutrition Expert for Nutrition Division of National Institute of Health Pakistan, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Allama Iqbal Open University Pakistan, Canadian International Development Agency, World Health Organization, World food Program, Research Cell and Diet and Education Department of Baqai Institute of Diabetes Baqai University Karachi and the Aga Khan University Karachi.

I have 29 years’ experience of teaching and research, has guided more than hundred research studies, presented researches in several national and international conferences and published more than 30 scientific research papers.

I have developed a Generic food photograph atlas for dietary assessment, developed diet planning charts for Professionals and for people with diabetes. I am working to develop Pakistani cooked foods composition data base.

I contribute to the field of public health nutrition through enhancement of educational standards, advocacy for accreditation of PHN courses, registration and licensing of nutritionists and development and implementation of programs to benefit people from the expertise of public health nutritionists.

Founder member of Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society, having served the society as general secretary, vice president and president. Recently serving PNDS as ICDA Liaison, Web committee chair and as member of registration committee. PNDS has been benefitting form its international associations also. I am a professional member of Nutrition Society UK and International Federation of Home Economics. I have served as country representative for Pakistan, and am currently serving as CR Saudi Arabia at American Overseas Dietetic Association. I have represented PNDS at ICDA meetings.


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