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Ruthi Solari

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I envision a world where all people have access to safe, sustainable and nutritious food and basic nutrition education sufficient to lead healthy, productive and enjoyable lives.

Global pubic health nutrition bridges a keen interest in international interconnectedness and an awareness of the stark health disparities that exist throughout the developed and developing world. After I completed my Bachelors degree, I worked in the international non-profit sector and sat on the Board of United Nations Association – San Diego chapter, where I learned about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Prior to learning about the MDGs, my public health interests were primarily outside of the United States. A majority of humanitarian organizations in the U.S. were focused on solving health disparity issues in developing countries and yet there was a significant gap in efforts to counter the nutritional vulnerability in low-income populations in the United States. I was shocked to learn of the nutrition insecurity that exists in my own neighborhood, so I began to work to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger at home. In response to this clear need, in 2009 I founded a non-profit organization with a mission to transform hunger relief organizations into providers of healthy food and nutrition education. The mission of SuperFood Drive is to work collaboratively with partner organizations to educate the community about health benefits of eating nutrient-dense foods, and to ensure the accessibility of healthy food to all people, especially those in need. SuperFood Drive pursues this mission by providing nutritional expertise to existing emergency food distribution systems such as food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens. With one in six people (and one in four children) in the United States visiting food banks on a regular basis, the importance of providing healthy food (instead of ultra-processed, high fat, high sugar, high sodium items) is critical. The vision of SuperFood Drive is to transform local food drives, national food banks and global humanitarian aid into providers of nutrient dense non-perishable foods. SuperFood Drive is a public health initiative consistent with the United Nations MDG’s.  Learn more: www.superfooddrive.org

Additional work experience:

  • Independent nutrition consultant: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Nutrition Education Program Specialist. Health & Human Services Agency; Public Health Dept: San Diego, CA
  • Corporate wellness health educator, trainer and program manager at American Specialty Health: San Diego, CA
  • Nutrition education instructor for vocational nursing program at Casa Loma College: Los Angeles, CA
  • Facilitator of holistic women’s health and leadership workshops at Shakti Rising: San Diego, California

Interesting fact: I became a vegetarian at the age of 14 and am still a vegetarian today.