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Sandra Patricia Crispim

Sandra Patricia Crispim 130x180I am a dreamer. I dream of a better world, where inequities in public health are non-existent; a world where the role of science is understood by all and implemented to the common and truthful profit of every single person; where the contribution of diet as a risk factor for chronic diseases is clear. I am not quite sure when those dreams started but I guess ´since the beginning´ in my early life in the small town of Ilhota in the south of Brazil.

I was raised in this neighborhood that existed because of a big sugar company was installed in the area. There existed distinct and marked social classes and the desire of having equal rights to everyone in the community grew up with me. Then I formally met science during my bachelor study years in nutrition. There was no obvious reason why I decided to study nutrition and because of that I am used to say that I did not choose nutrition but nutrition chose me.

Yet, since ‘I met nutrition’ I was sure that it was exactly what I want to follow as a career. During my bachelor studies, I also had the chance to join the wonderful group Universidade Solidária, which was part of a national volunteer programme. I spent lots of time with this group, visiting local communities in my region as well as in the city of Castro Alves, Bahia, in the North-East region of Brazil. In these places, I had the chance to put in practice the knowledge gained in the classrooms. This was the period that public health awareness really hit me.

Since my Master studies, my research has been focused towards the improvement of dietary measurements. I have studied the development of dietary assessment tools and evaluated their application in different study contexts, especially for application in national monitoring surveys across Europe. I believe that the appropriate collection and interpretation of dietary measurements are crucial to elucidate the etiology, prevention, and treatment of many (chronic) diseases and that is what I work for.