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Sangita Sharma

Sangita Sharma 130x180United Kingdom citizen. Research experience combines nutritional sciences, epidemiology, health promotion and community-based interventions and especially the development of dietary assessment methodologies for multi-ethnic populations. Research, grants and/or publications have been multidisciplinary, multi-ethnic and included major chronic diseases: 1) development of dietary assessment methodologies for multi-ethnic and indigenous populations to assess food, nutrient, food group, heterocyclic aromatic amine intake, and determine dietary adequacy; 2) developing and evaluating community- based, dietary and lifestyle (including physical activity) intervention studies for obesity and chronic disease prevention; 3) determining diet-disease associations in 215,000 people, for cancer, fatal cardiovascular disease, total mortality and diabetes; 4) examining nutrient-gene interactions and risk of cancer in different ethnic groups (African Americans, Native Hawaiians, Latinos, Japanese Americans, Japanese Brazilians, Caucasians); 5) monitoring the effects of climate change on diet and ways of life