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Sara Diana Garduño Diaz

Captura de Tela 2015-09-25 às 18.40.26My first exposure to PHN did not produce love at first sight. I started my training in nutrition with the idea of specializing in clinical nutrition and later, slowly, I became more interested in and aware of the impact of PHN. During my university days I undertook several projects in various far-off communities in Mexico, tasks which I found enjoyable and for which I was able to adapt and put forward my knowledge in order to help improve the health status of the various community members I interacted with. I obtained my PhD on the topic of dietary patterns and ethnic-associated risk factors for the metabolic syndrome among minority group populations which is when I truly began to understand the importance of PHN.

I have since been part of two mayor EU-level research projects which focused on the dietary assessment and the nutritional status evaluation of at-risk groups in several European countries; this experience further pushed me to see the significance of external factors on the nutritional status of different population groups. Having been fortunate enough to travel extensively and live in various countries I have learned to appreciate the importance of working with nutrition at a more wholesome level. I have had the pleasure and challenge of working with populations of ranging backgrounds and are experiencing daily the role of the surrounding environment on the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. At the moment I am carrying out research on public health in communities with abundance of financial means and looking at how education as well as the physical and social environments shapes nutrition when finances are not a limiting factor.