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Shara Smith

Shara Smith 130x195I was born in Ireland – I grew up on the family farm, which has shaped my values and curiosity about food, being involved in agriculture from an early age. I enjoyed cooking and preparing food and became interested in the association between food and health, strongly believing “you are what you eat”. Having developed a strong interest in science at school, I studied for a BSc (Hons) Nutritional Sciences at University College, Cork (UCC). Thereafter, I pursued a master’s degree in Biotechnology at UCC.

I worked in pharmaceutical industry laboratories and technical support for several years following graduation. I recently returned to study part time at postgraduate level in Allergy at the University of Southampton and in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Chester. I am an ISAK accredited Anthropometrist and now teach both Sport and Public Health Nutrition on a part-time basis. Teaching requires a lot of translation of media misinformation about nutrition! I am interested in promoting and normalising breastfeeding in Ireland with an emphasis on the benefits to the health of both mothers and infants. The global politics involved in the food industry and medical research are amongst my interests having read books by authors such as Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, Ben Goldacre and Tim Noakes to name but a few!