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PAHO Nutrient Profile Model is now out

The Pan American Health Organization has recently launched its “Nutrient Profile Model”, a guideline developed by an Expert Consultation Group to define criteria of critical nutrients. This evidence-based model aims to support policy-makers in PAHO Member States to develop policies and regulations to prevent the consumption of unhealthy foods, for example fiscal measures (such as taxes and subsidies), front-of-package labelling, regulations of school food environments and restrictions on marketing of unhealthy foods, based on their nutrient content.

pahonutprofThe PAHO Nutrient Profile Model was developed based on the best and most updated body of evidence, and replaces the recommendation No. 10 in the PAHO publication “Recommendations from a Pan American Health Organization Expert Consultation on the Marketing of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Children in the Americas”. It includes the new WHO guidelines on sugar an other nutrients.

The PAHO Nutrient Profile Model includes criteria for critical nutrients such as free sugars, sodium, and saturated fat, total fat, and trans-fatty acids. It also includes criteria for “other sweeteners”, defined as food additives that impart a sweet taste to a food either caloric or non-caloric ones. The criteria were set to identify ultra-processed products with excessive content of such critical nutrients.

To consult the complete report follow: Pan American Health Organization Nutrient Profile Model.

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