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WPHNA Elections 2014: Time to vote!

It’s time to vote for Professional Affairs Secretary!

We have received three applications for this position within the deadline of 7 July. These applications have been reviewed by the Association’s Executive Committee (EC) and by a team composed of three independent scrutineers (from academia, civil society and the UN system). Two applications were considered valid, and one was rejected due to conflicts of interest. The Association’s governing document states that EC members are independent and do not work for or receive funding from organisations with interests that conflict public health nutrition.

The names of the two candidates eligible for election are Margaret Miller and Rubina Hakeem. The voting period is now open for members of the Association. The deadline to participate is 30 September. Association members have received the link to the voting slip via email. If you are a member and have not received it, please contact the Association secretariat at secretariat@wphna.org.

Members will also need their membership numbers to be able to vote. All members have received their membership numbers in an email circulated in 30 July. If you do not know yours, contact us.

WPHNA Presidential elections
As you are aware, on 2 May 2014 one of our members shared a supporting email in favor of one of the potential candidates for President of the Association. This email was shared before the applications had been evaluated by the EC and the team of scrutineers, and before any announcement was made through our official means of communication.

For that reason, the EC decided to postpone the elections and conduct an independent investigation to identify if the process established for the elections had been compromised. The independent panel for this investigation was composed of Ali Dhansay, Barbara Burlingame and Harriet Kuhnlein. The panel concluded their investigation in early July. The following main findings and recommendations were made:

  • The panel viewed “… the election process, as planned and implemented by the WPHNA, to be fair and transparent”.
  • They found that there was no wrong doing on the part of the candidate who was the subject of the canvassing process.
  • They recommended that those involved in the canvassing email should issue a formal apology to the WPHNA President and EC, which has been done and accepted.
  • The panel also recommended that the Association EC review procedures for the use of membership lists. This has now been done.

The full report of the panel is available for members on request.

Based on the above findings and recommendations, the EC decided that in the future there will be no canvassing for candidates,to ensure that the election choices by members remain centred on competencies presented by candidates, to avoid the risk of undue influence from the intensity of associated canvassing.

Additionally, and given the fact that the canvassing email may have given an advantage to one of the potential candidates, the Executive Committee has opted for a cool-off period of 6 months for the Presidential Election. The Association will reopen nominations for President in early 2015.

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