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UNICEF is looking for a Nutrition Cluster/Sector Coordinator in Niger

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For every child, an advocate

Niger is a landlocked country of 20.7 million people, most of whom live in rural areas (84%). The population is young, with 52% of Nigeriens being under 15. Nearly half of the population is poor (45.1%), despite reductions in the poverty rate over the past decade. The country, which ranked 187/188 on the 2016 Human Development Index, sees its development constrained by several factors: climatic conditions that hinder rural development, vulnerability due to the absence of economic diversification, high population growth, gender equality issues, low levels of literacy and education, and the size and landlocked nature of the country, which obstruct the provision of essential goods and services to the population.

In addition, Niger is confronted to recurrent crises. For many years, the country has suffered from chronic food insecurity, and faced food and nutrition crises in 2010 and 2012. It also regularly experiences epidemics, including cholera, as well as floods. Moreover, instability in the region has in recent years led to insecurity and population displacement, especially in the eastern part of the country.

Niger relies strongly on external support provided by technical and financial partners, such as non-refundable aid, budget support and loans. With the exception of the education sector, budgetary allocations to social sectors remain far below international recommendations or national commitments.

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